Cedar - 2024 Healthcare Financial Experience Study

2024 Healthcare Financial Experience Study


Healthcare Financial Experience Study

Cedar surveyed 1,200 consumers and it’s clear they want to pay their healthcare debts. But their bills are unaffordable and the whole process too complex and bad for their health.

Healthcare Financial Experience Study

47% of Consumers Say Their Healing or Well-Being Was Impacted by Difficulty Paying a Healthcare Bill


Consumers Demand More Financial Support and Certainty

A quarter of consumers are unable to afford an unexpected healthcare bill greater than $250, yet many are in the dark about the financial help they can get.

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Consumers Struggle to Navigate a Fragmented Ecosystem

Payer-provider coordination on patient billing affects customer loyalty and three-quarters of consumers wish they could view real-time benefits when looking at bills.

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Get your free copy of the 2024 Healthcare Financial Experience Study to go deeper into the data on:

What specific information would encourage consumers to pay faster
Why consumers aren’t using tax-free dollars in their health savings accounts
How providers can put these insights into action with clear next steps