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Security at Cedar

Security at Cedar

Security at Cedar

As patients trust Cedar with sensitive information, security and resiliency are an integral part of what we do

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Secure, compliant, certified

Our seasoned security team draws on deep experience from the fields of finance, technology and national security to apply the highest level of protection to healthcare data. Beyond maintaining core compliance standards, our approach proactively targets the top security risks for healthcare providers and prioritizes resiliency, data protection and transparency.


  • Multiple data centers through Amazon availability zones
  • Separated by > 50 miles
  • Ability to fail over to an alternate region without data loss
  • Regular disaster recovery testing
  • Backup restore tests
  • DDoS prevention from leading network providers (Cloudflare)

System monitoring

  • 24/7 system operation center (SOC) with dedicated engineering team
  • Pervasive monitoring of all access to PHI to review cyber security concerns
  • Constant monitoring and prompt notification

Application security

  • Stringent vendor review program leading to world-class vendors including AWS
  • Continuous scanning of software throughout lifecycle to detect vulnerability
  • Code review and testing

Access management

  • Integration with provider single sign-on (SSO)
  • Role-based access control for managing PHI

Contacting us

If you have identified any security vulnerabilities or have security concerns, please email [email protected]. For copies of our compliance certifications or for more details about our security program, please contact [email protected].

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