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Interviewing at Cedar

Interviewing at Cedar

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Why Cedar

The idea for Cedar began after our co-founder encountered a remarkably bad medical billing experience that resulted in confusion, frustration and ultimately, disillusion. Turns out, his experience was not an isolated example — it was the norm. At Cedar, our mission is to empower us all to easily and affordably pursue the care we need. We know the healthcare system needs to change, and we want to be part of the solution.

Our Core Values

Focus on the vision
We enable an exceptional healthcare consumer financial experience through relentless focus, only prioritizing actions that advance us towards this goal.
Reject mediocrity
We solicit diverse perspectives, set high standards and constantly challenge ourselves to raise the bar on our thinking, people and performance.
Apply a growth mindset
We maintain an optimistic, constructive and resilient attitude, passionately pursuing our mission, embracing difficult problems and learning from setbacks.
Use good judgement
We require accountability, bold thinking and a reliance on common sense to prioritize and make informed decisions that reflect our convictions, integrity and core values.
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