Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher (1)

Providing individual, couples and multi-generational counseling

Mark has worked as a pastoral counselor for the past 8 years in Maple Valley and 5 years prior in Peru and Ecuador as part of a care team for international workers. He has facilitated community outreach teams, mediation & reconciliation groups, and pre-marital counseling.
He works with individuals, couples, seniors and teens. Mark has experience working with clients who are navigating depression, anxiety, grief and loss, life transitions, relationship conflicts, and general care issues.
In his personal time Mark enjoys the great outdoors and can be found summiting Rainer, fishing with grandkids or scuba diving with his wife. Mark has made a career out of caring for others, from teacher to pastor to counselor, he has a passion for others.

Mark is completing his internship to receive his License in Mental Health Counseling. Sliding scale rates are available starting at $80 an hour and declining. Please contact Mark for more information.
Phone: (425)243-3702